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A shocking case study report… Quick Picks vs Lottery Software

Why You Aren’t Winning With Quick Picks and How Everybody Else Seem to be Getting All the Luck!

You always hear about the winners that used the Quick Picks, but winners whom had used other methods ALWAYS remain anonymous! So naturally, the least wary may always gravitate to the quick picks.

True, the quick picks seem to win more, but when you compare the amount of people using the quick picks to the people using other methods, just 2% win from QP – That’s still a lot of people and quick picks it seems wins more games… But… what happens to the remaining 5% or so that uses other methods? Well, 90% of those individuals win and stay anonymous! Now, 90% of the 5% whom utilize set strategies or methods, they make up for just a handful of winners when compared to winners of the quick picks – But players of the Quick Picks are from a very large group and the 2% of winners is several times larger, than the 80% of winners from the 5% whom utilize set methods. So which method works best – Quick Picks or software?

It’s obvious that the larger number from the smaller group are utilizing the very BEST methods and the smaller numbers from the larger group trust their luck solely on Quick Picks. So what does this all mean? Well, it simply means; a very large amount of lotto players will never win a significant prize in their lifetime and anybody utilizing some proven set strategies has a 90% chance of winning something of great significance within their lifetime! So what do you think of Quick Picks now? Fact – 95% who play the lotteries, will never win enough money to cover the cost of the game; in their entire lifetime.

Suffice to say, during my researching, I wondered if the quick picks ever chose numbers that have been drawn before and if that had anything to do with my shockingly poor luck; what I discovered shocked me to the point that I had to take a breath. You see, as far as I know, lottery numbers has never been drawn twice! After pulling 10 past matches from just 15 quick picks, I knew then I was onto something! And I also recollect the amounts of cash I have lost to quick picks – Figure it out: 10 years of game play at a rate of $200 bucks a week… I wonder how many of those tickets had past drawn numbers. The very thought gives me the shivers!

How to Increase Your Winning Chances with Quick Picks

So the bottom line is; if your quick picks contain past draws, you may as well throw it away and just keep the ones that have no past draws! Still want to utilize Quick Picks? Here’s a tip: if you want to reduce the odds of losing with quick picks, you’ll need to make sure the numbers have never been drawn – If your quick pick tickets contain drawn numbers, you may need to buy more tickets. This is where quick picks can get quite expensive!

My approach to the lottery system is not by increasing my winning chances, but rather, decreasing my chances of loss! EVERYBODY is aiming to increase their winning chances; I prefer to reverse engineer that approach!

Why not try for yourself and see how many of your quick pick numbers have actually been drawn before, use software for your analysis and then compare the results – You just may be as surprised as I once were…

Nothing or no one can predict who will win the lottery, but the evidence suggests that lotto combinations never repeat, or at least not till the combinations have run through their whole cycle; which could be 136,000 years away!

Lottery software is a great tool that helps players choose the best numbers, based on the elimination of least likely numbers to be drawn, analysis of the most likely numbers and probability for the next draw – filters and complex algorithms further refine the data and then wheeling can produce variations of the results.

In a way, lotto programs help you gain the winning advantage. If you are not using software to play your games, then you could be just throwing money away! But then again, who knows; you may get struck by a bolt of luck … But then again, millions, upon millions of players are expecting the same thing and millions upon millions will NEVER, ever win the major jackpot! As disheartening as this sounds; so far my research suggest that the ones that have won big, deserved it more than me and probably more than you… So for me and probably you, we’re somewhere at the back of the queue – that is, unless we dare to tip the balances and gain the lotto advantage with tip top lottery software.



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