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Do you bet on sports? Well, how would you like to rake in the cash, by investing in sports bets?! Now with the Zcode system, you can!

So what is Zcode System anyway?

Zcode System” is a comprehensive sports investing program that is designed to give sports bettors advice on what sports events to bet on and which ones to avoid.  It accomplishes this by analyzing a HUGE database that’s comprised of 13 years’ worth of sports data, which is used to predict WINNERS!
Zcode gives predictions on all major U.S. sports including the MLB, NBA, NHL, and NFL.

…And it can do this with a guaranteed 86% success rate!

Here’s exactly how Zcode achieves an 86.5% success rate:

Zcode recommends that you follow the A-B-C betting technique.  That is, make a 1-unit bet.  If you lose, make a 2-unit bet.  If you lose that, make a 3-unit bet.  If you lost that, reset and start back with your “A” bet. Using this A-B-C technique, you should come ahead about 86.5% of the time with each A-B-C series you play using Zcode.  

Are There Any Bad Points I Need to Know About Zcode System?
There is a LOT of information.  So much so, that it can be overwhelming at times.  Analyzing pitcher ratings, Power Rankings, Win/Loss streaks, and all that stuff.  Beginner sports investors can be turned off in an instant by all this information.  You can though, easily have 20 recommended bets going, especially during peak betting seasons.

The price.  At $198/month, it’s the most expensive sports investing system I’ve come across so far (well, not including those “expert picks” websites).

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